Maureen Stevens is searching for two farming families to give a holiday in Caloundra to.
Maureen Stevens is searching for two farming families to give a holiday in Caloundra to. Katie Hall

Bundy couple gives away two holidays to struggling farmers

FARMING families across the country are doing it tough.

One Bundaberg couple is looking to give back to hard-working farmers by giving away a well-deserved holiday on the Sunshine Coast for two farming families.

Maureen Stevens and her husband, Darrell, have booked two, two-bedroom holiday apartments at the Ramada Resort Golden Beach in Caloundra.

Maureen said they could go without a holiday next year, if it meant giving a struggling family the opportunity to relax and feel happy.

"I just thought it would be a worthy cause, and make someone happy.

"They're doing it very, very hard down there," Mrs Stevens said.

"I'd just like to make someone else feel a bit more happy and special because of what they're going through."

Maureen and Darrell have organised the accommodation, but are searching for an organisation on the ground to select farmers and let them know the holiday is available.

The couple are also seeking support from airlines to organise plane tickets to transport the families to Caloundra.

"We are trying to get the airlines on board. I can help with accommodation, but unfortunately can't help with air fares," she said.

"I'd like to donate that holiday to worthy farmers. The only thing I am asking for, is help to fly the farmers and their families to Golden beach in Caloundra where the holiday apartment is.

"There is everything there (at the accommodation). There are courtesy buses and a little shopping centre around the corner, and activities for children."

Maureen, who has lived in Bundaberg since the 1980s said she saw first-hand how dry the land was and became inspired to help the farmers.

"It was heart breaking. I just couldn't believe it. It seemed to be worse coming home. It was just sad," she said.

"I can't imagine it being any worse than that, but apparently it is. We travelled to Melbourne by air and you could see the ground from there.

"We spent a bit of time out on the land with friends and I know how dry it can get.

"The rivers are drying up as well."

The plight of farmers is a cause close to Maureen's heart, because she hails from the Riverina region in New South Wales.

"It is close to my heart. A lot of food comes from down there, too. There is meat that is processed and fruit and vegetables and your crops, your wheat crops and corn," she said.

The apartments are booked for eight nights and nine days between April and May next year.

If you have information to help Maureen and Darrell give a farming family a holiday, contact Maureen Stevens on 4151 1563.