Meet Woodcrest State College dux Obi Carwood.
Meet Woodcrest State College dux Obi Carwood. Cordell Richardson

Hip-hop dancing dux loves maths

MEET Obi Carwood, Woodcrest State College's school dux.

At the school's awards night last week he walked away with the academic excellence award, maths and science award and year 12 dux award.

Obi said he's just like every other 17 year old, he just loves maths.

While he'll probably have his pick of uni degrees, with an expected OP in the range of 1-4, he's already settled on a degree choice.

"I'm planning on studying a maths and engineering dual degree at QUT," he said.

"My passion is maths, its very niche, especially with engineering for career opportunities."

While Obi still isn't sure what he'll end up doing for a career, if maths and engineering don't work out he'll probably turn to acting.

"I love movies, if engineering and maths doesn't work out I'll go to movies."

Obi said he had pursued fast-paced hip hop dancing in middle school, but maths came easy to him as there was no "grey area".

"It's a very big anomaly I found grade 11 and 12 the easiest, I stressed more in middle school. Now I do maths in my spare time.

"In maths you can prove something, there's no denying it's true."

He scored top marks across the board for his grade in Maths B and C, Physics, Chemistry, Technology Studies and English.

"I studied a lot but it's my hobby."

During the awards ceremony Deputy Principal, Kellie Nicholson said Obi received the award because he excelled in his schooling across all areas of study.

"He spent his entire 12 years of schooling at Woodcrest State College, and throughout that time has consistently achieved excellent academic success.

"Obi has shown a particular aptitude towards mathematics, studying Maths B at school and additionally studying Maths C at the Brisbane School of Distance Education.

"This commitment to studying a highly rigorous subject independently is a credit to Obi and his outstanding work ethic. Our school community applauds his valuable contribution to our school and Obi's exemplary representation of our community in many forums."

The school captain had his last exam on Tuesday and last day of classes last week.

His advice for anyone wanting to do well at school was "like what you are doing".

"If you have a passion for it, do it and you'll succeed in any job."

His mum was "ecstatic" on the awards night, they called into McDonald's on the way home to celebrate.

Obi has two older sisters and three younger brothers and lives in Camira.

He said he'll skip schoolies this year and probably just help look after his brothers.