The Hilltop Hoods are showing the way on Australian hip hop scene.
The Hilltop Hoods are showing the way on Australian hip hop scene. Contributed

Hilltop mob back in the hood

STEP into the nose bleed section where Aussie's best hip hop acts blow the speakers at this year's Sprung Festival.

ARIA award-winning hip hop outfit Hilltop Hoods is headlining the second annual festival and DJ Debris took some time out of his busy schedule to talk all things Sprung.

"I was absolutely spewing I didn't go last year, I heard nothing but great things about it and I'm one of the fear of missing out guys, I hate hearing about everyone else having fun without me," he said with a wicked laugh.

"It's a pretty unique event, just hip hop acts, it's a symbolic time when one genre of music ends up having its own festival. I think it's a sign of the times."

Since Hilltop launched on to the scene, they've enjoyed overwhelming success to become Australia's most successful hip hop act.

"When we started out, we didn't expect it would go anywhere near as big as it has," Debris said.

"Australian hip hop was a small thing when we started out, it was kind of only listened to by a few and that changed greatly over the course of us making music.

"It is a great thing (being the best), but we try not to think about it like that. I guess it's debatable at times when we disappear to record an album, there's other groups that come and lead the movement, it's not definitely something you hold 24/7."

Hilltop Hoods's decision to play a lot of live gigs has put them in good stead, resulting in a strong cultivation of fans.

"It's something we've always wanted to do. I think the live part is very integral for us, some musicians focus more on the studio side of their recordings, we've always given whatever stage of an album we're at 110%, whether we're in the live cycle or the recording cycle," he said.

"Festivals are amazing as it comes with an uninhibited crowd, people are just there to have a good time and there's not a great expectation, people move from performer to performer and it's an uninhibited thing," he said.

"But then there's the intimacy of your own live shows where people come just for you.

"It's good to do both. Festivals are good in summer when the weather's great and live shows are good when it's winter.

"It's (touring) something we definitely enjoy. But after a year of touring you want to get in the studio and after a year in the studio you want to get back on the road."

But their success is not bound by the Australian shore line, they've also made a great impact overseas, the world loving their Aussie twang and phat beats.

"When we go overseas to places you never think people have heard of us and you look up and there's a heap of people who know your lyrics, it makes you realise you've reached a lot further than you ever thought. That's an exhilarating feeling," he said.

"You always feed off the crowd, you throw out what you can and what you get back sets the tone how live you can go. It's a two-way transaction."

Hilltop Hoods is now gearing up for Sprung festival and promise to play many of the crowd favourites as well as lay down some of their new tracks from their platinum album Drinking From The Sun, which debuted at No.1 on the ARIA album charts.

Joining Hilltop Hoods is Illy, Pez, Tzu, Vents, Kerser, Mantra, Spit Syndicate, Seth Sentry, Thundamentals, Bias B, Briggs, The Tongue, Evil Eddie, Mase N Mattic, Bam Bam, Seven, Deathstarrs, Dwizofoz and Kudos.


  • What: Sprung Hip Hop Festival
  • When: Saturday 10 November
  • Where: RNA Showgrounds
  • Tickets: $77 + bf
  • This is an all ages event