ABUSIVE: Anthony Collins in Ipswich Magistrates Court kicking a police officer.
ABUSIVE: Anthony Collins in Ipswich Magistrates Court kicking a police officer. Ross Irby

Highway Good Samaritan goes from hero to zero

A GOOD Samaritan called out to change the flat tyre of a woman's car blocking one lane of the Warrego Highway bad-mouthed police who were slowing traffic to drive around the vehicle.

The man lashed out and kicked one of the officers after a verbal tirade.

A police prosecutor told an Ipswich court that driver Anthony Collins arrived at the scene too fast, causing two officers to take evasive action.

He braked and stopped near the car with the flat tyre.

Anthony "Tony" Bruce Collins, 40, from Riverview, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to assaulting a police officer; obstructing a police officer; and committing public nuisance on the Warrego Highway south of Muirlea on August 2.

Sergeant Matt Donnelly said Collins sped up and accelerated at the scene, causing police to move to the guard rail.

"He told officers to f--- off and mind their own business." Sgt Donnelly said.

Collins told the officers he was there to change a tyre and again swore at them.

Sgt Donnelly said the police let Collins change the tyre, then tried to explain to him about his speed when he arrived at the scene.

"He got abusive," Sgt Donnelly said.

Sgt Donnelly said Collins was aggressive and people could clearly hear him screaming and yelling.

But when told to stop, Collins continued to swear and abuse police.

When police tried to arrest him for causing a public nuisance, Collins told them to "f--- off" and began to walk away.

An officer told Collins he was under arrest but Collins resisted and was taken to the ground by the officer.

Sgt Donnelly said Collins was handcuffed and walked to the police pod when he kicked out at an officer and struck him in the upper thigh.

Police sought a fine. Sgt Donnelly said it was "particularly bad behaviour on a dangerous location on a busy highway".

Sgt Donnelly said a defence submission before the court also referred to anger management issues.

Defence lawyer Matt Fairclough said Collins had a borderline personality disorder and had not been sleeping well at the time due to a bereavement.

Mr Fairclough said Collins hoped to get work in aged care and did not want a conviction recorded on his record.

Magistrate Andy Cridland fined Collins $750 - sent to SPER for a repayment plan.

A conviction was not recorded.