FOR ALL TASTES: Rafter and Rose co-owners Elle Morar and Candy Gazdagh.
FOR ALL TASTES: Rafter and Rose co-owners Elle Morar and Candy Gazdagh. Rob Williams

Cafe is Hidden gem right in the top of town

TOP of Town Ipswich has a lot of hidden treasures, among them is Rafter and Rose.

This delightful cafe is just off Brisbane Street, at 17 Ellenborough St, and has a charm and warmth that entices customers to return regularly.

"We have been operating for three and half years. It is a family business and what we want is that old-school appeal," owner Candy Gazdagh said.

"I am in business with my niece Elle Morar and my sister comes in to handle the decoration and the gardening. What is great is that people come in to be part of this family friendly feel."

The charm of the buildings and the laneway provide a totally different experience for customers. The expansion into the former Papa's Sushi shop has given customers more room.

Rafter and Rose is good news for anyone looking for a great meal and coffee, but if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant as well as have a requirement for dairy free, you have just found a great location.

"A great deal of our food is gluten and dairy free. My sister is allergic to gluten so we have all grown up eating this way. There are more and more people who are looking for gluten free and we cater across meals and sweets," Ms Gazdagh said.

"We source our food locally. We get a lot from the Lockyer Valley and we have a supplier for pumpkin and honey. The products are pesticide free."

Breakfast is popular, especially on weekends.

"It is always packed on weekends. People love to have breakfast and take their time to read or catch up with friends," Ms Gazdagh said.

"I find that Monday to Friday we get a lot of office workers in for lunch. We get work friends get together for breakfast before starting their day. We are a very popular spot for those coming off night shift, ambos and hospital staff as well."

Ms Gazdagh said the laneway and the rustic charm of the buildings were a talking point.

"There is something very homely about it. We have been featured on Great Day Out and when that is seen we get a lot of Brisbane people come and check us out," she said.

The range of meals, cakes and other delights, along with the coffee and tea make it a popular destination.

"We always try out anything new on ourselves. We bake fresh on the premises every day," Ms Gazdagh said.

Rafter and Rose is open seven days a week, 6.30am-2pm weekdays and 7am-noon on weekends.