You could win this Solarhart system valued at over $13,000 with the Queensland Times
You could win this Solarhart system valued at over $13,000 with the Queensland Times

Here's your chance to win a $13,000 solar system

CHEAPER electricity bills can be yours just for reading the Queensland Times, and time is short, with tomorrow being your last chance to get an entry form to win a Solarhart prize valued at over $13,000.

Since the boom in government incentives and affordability of solar, Queenslanders have taken to getting power from the sun like crazy in the last decade.

While many of us enjoy rewards from generating power from the sun along with a reduced hot water bill, today people are more inclined to expand their system to allow power to be stored, and that's where the new Solarhart PV System with Powerstore comes in.

Unlike conventional water heaters that only heat water using energy from the grid, a Solahart PowerStore system takes excess power from your solar power system, and then uses it to heat water gradually throughout the day. Even on cloudy days, Solahart PowerStore ensures you have a reliable supply of hot water by drawing the minimum power from the grid that is necessary.

Combining this system with a compatible Home Energy Management System (HEMS) will result in greater savings and will let you to purchase energy when it is cheaper by shifting loads away from peak demand periods. It also helps predict solar energy generation from your solar power system by using seasonal and daily weather patterns, and decides on when it's best to use high energy consuming devices such as air conditioners and pool pumps.

One lucky reader is going to win this amazing prize valued at over $13,000!

To win, make sure you get Saturday's Queensland Times where you'll find the entry form in the QT Real Estate magazine.