KEY ROLE: Division five councillor Wayne Wendt is looking to the future.
KEY ROLE: Division five councillor Wayne Wendt is looking to the future. Rob Williams

Here's what's ahead for Wayne Wendt if the council remains

WAYNE Wendt would continue as Ipswich's Acting Mayor if councillors are not dismissed, marking a stunning return to the top after the doldrums of defeat in 2012.

The man once called "Wendy" by former prime minister Julia Gillard has been Ipswich's Acting Mayor since Andrew Antoniolli returned from the police watch-house in early May.

He was appointed Deputy Mayor by Cr Antoniolli in September last year.

He has been responsible for navigating the Ipswich City Council through arguably the most chaotic time in its history.

If Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe agrees to let the councillors keep their jobs, Cr Wendt will continue as Acting Mayor.

He said councillors had stepped up to represent the city when required.

"Importantly, we are still firmly focused on the job of representing residents and advocating on their behalf," Cr Wendt said.

"It is always a challenge filling the role of Acting Mayor while still paying attention to matters of interest in Division 5.

"While in this role through circumstance, the needs of residents in the division are still being attended to."

Cr Antoniolli is likely to remain suspended while he fights seven counts of fraud and a breach of bail offence. The appointment of an acting deputy mayor would be a decision of the council.

Cr Wendt was first elected as Member for Ipswich West in 2006.

Three years later he weathered a small swing against Labor to secure 54 per cent of the primary vote.

In 2012 Cr Wendt fell victim to the Campbell Newman storm, which chewed up all but seven Labor MPs in its path.