Introducing Melbourne couple Armando and Isabel
Introducing Melbourne couple Armando and Isabel

FOUND: Aussie couple reunited with their 4000+ lost photos


A Swedish blogger, with our help, has reunited an Australian couple with thousands of their photographs lost in Stockholm.

Blogger Marc Biskup began the search via his website on June 8.

He had found a tiny memory card at a busy intersection in the major city, and after looking through the photographs, worked out a travel itinerary for the couple, now named as Armando and Isabel from Melbourne.

Biskup had also discovered that the man in the images was most likely an Australian with a possible link to Deakin University.

The story was picked up by Australian Regional Media -- this site's publisher -- about 24 hours after his initial post, which was then spread far and wide via our associated Facebook pages.

On the Sunshine Coast Daily's Facebook page alone, it was shared more than 1500 times.


Within a day, it would be picked up by other Australian media including News Limited's Herald Sun.

Biskup, also an editor of a Swedish website, said the response to his call to find the missing Australians was "overwhelming".

"Thousands of people have read the text and even shared it," he said.

Neighbours of Armando and Isabel got wind of the search and made contact with their daughter Patricia.

"We are very grateful for your perennial search for our parents," she wrote.

"Our parents will be very happy when they heard that you have the storage card."

Biskup said it was incredible to see the saga unfold.

"It's amazing how such a message within a short time by Facebook and Co. around the world goes on," he said.

"This shows the strength of social media.

"We are so glad that we have found the two. It would have been very sad if all their memories would be lost on their holidays."




HOW IT BEGAN: Help this couple reunite with their 4000+ lost photos

WE DON'T know who they are, but we know he's from Australia.

Their 4000 happy snaps were found on a Micro SD card by a blogger named Marc Biskup in Stockholm.

Now Biskup is trying to find the happy travellers, who are no doubt missing a whole bunch of memories from their trip.

Do you know the couple? Let us know.

On his blog, Biskup writes that the couple -- based on the photographs -- travels from Copenhagen to Tallinn in St Petersburg, Helsinki then Stockholm.

"Basically there is every single photo of their holidays on this SD card," he writes.

"We want them to get it back -- please help us find them."

Biskup has had no luck contacting Pricess Cruises, nor Deakin University (where one of them may work).


This is what Biskup knows about the travellers so far:

  • They are from Australia - or at least he is.

  • They did a cruise for 11 nights, starting from Copenhagen probably on May 24th. 

  • They stayed at least two more days in Copenhagen before the cruise. The tour ended in Copenhagen as well, on June 4th. 

  • They travelled with a ship called "Regal Princess" of Princess Cruises

  • The 32 GB Medion Micro SD card plus adapter was found on Tuesday, June 2nd around 1.30 AM in Stockholm (see below)

  • One of them may be connected to Deakin University of Melbourne.

  • The first photo was shot with a Sony HX60V on November 11th 2014 (that is what EXIF told us).

  • The holiday photos were shot with a Sony ILCE-7, better known as alpha 7.