Tyirra-Lee McGrady, 8, has been battling a cancerous brain tumour.
Tyirra-Lee McGrady, 8, has been battling a cancerous brain tumour.

Help Casino’s ‘little princess’ get life saving surgery

FOR half of her life, Tyirra-Lee McGrady has been battling a cancerous brain tumour.

The eight-year-old Casino girl has spent four years undergoing multiple operations on her brain to try and take the tumour out.

She's also undergone radiation and oral chemotherapy but because the tumour is in the Cerebellum it is very difficult for the neurosurgeon to remove.

Now, after another unsuccessful operation, her family are hoping to send her to Sydney to see the remarkable Dr Charlie Teo, who is famous for performing surgeries on people with inoperable neurosurgical problems.

But it'll cost them $120,000 to have the surgery performed.

Tyirra-Lee's mother, Kirra McGrady said she spoke with the doctors in Sydney on Wednesday after her daughter's tumour had recently quadrupled in size.

"They said the sooner she gets down there the quicker (Dr Teo) can do it and hopefully he can remove it before it gets any bigger,' Ms McGrady said.

"She's doing fine but her headaches are every day now and then there's pain.

"We need to get her down there ASAP."

Taking to social media in the hopes people might donate some money, Ms McGrady further explained the horrific pain her daughter is currently suffering.

"We were told after the first operation that Tyirra would always have a percentage of the tumour left," Ms McGrady said.

"Three weeks ago, Tyirra was admitted to Queensland Children's Hospital due to suffering more headaches.

"We knew something was wrong and after having a CAT scan the results showed fluid was building back up so they did an MRI and it confirmed the tumour grew back 4 to 5 times bigger than it was before and is growing aggressively and has grown around the brain stem which functions Tyirra-Lee's heart and other main organs.

"The neurosurgeon (in Sydney) is willing and confident that he can remove all of the remainder of the tumour.

"We the family of Tyirra-Lee are seeking any donations big or small so that the procedure of the operation can take place, we hope you can find it in your heart to help our little princess.

"We are asking donations to be deposited into this account then all money will be transferred over to Dr Charlie Teo."

The McGrady family are asking any donations be made out to Kirra McGrady at Commonwealth Bank, BSB number 063097 and Account number 29008352.