Fighters and phantom biters keep league strong

KEIRON Butler and Lyle Reed are passionate men.

And we are not talking about their love life here.

The Goodna Eagles stalwarts are known for speaking their minds and they have blown up deluxe over the IRL hosting its grand final on a Saturday night instead of the traditional Sunday.

They believe their history and rugby league culture has been taken away from them.

The QT has been given conflicting stories by officials about why the decision was taken. Nothing unusual there.

But as I said to IRL chairman Jack Rhea, the QT feature on this issue will have everyone talking about the footy. The game's ability to attract a headline will never die.

Butler shares a lot in common with former Jets coach Tommy Raudonikis.

Cover of Rugby League Week June 1976.
HELL ON EARTH: Tommy Raudonikis admits to biting Johnny Gibbs on the nose on the cover of Rugby League Week in 1976. Contributed

Remember, Tommy was the one who wrote a column in Rugby League Week with a headline that said 'I'm the Phantom Biter', where he admitted to sinking his fangs into the nose of Manly half Johnny Gibbs.

Can you imagine a modern day player admitting that?

League has become too sterile for my liking. You don't get the blow-ups before and after games that you once did. Too much political correctness.

But there is nothing politically correct about old warhorses Butler and Reed. Butler has been stewing on this for weeks.

This won't be the last time the dynamic duo raise hell.

Their passion is welcomed...and keeps journos employed!

Goodna rugby league supporters Keiron Butler and Lyle Reed are unhappy with the QRL's decision to move the IRL grand final from Sunday to Saturday.
NOT HAPPY: Stalwart Goodna league supporters Keiron Butler and Lyle Reed are filthy the IRL grand final will be held on a Saturday night and not Sunday. David Nielsen