Conlon gave evidence in his own defence after pleading not guilty to attempted murder.
Conlon gave evidence in his own defence after pleading not guilty to attempted murder.

'He could've been a karate expert or something'

ATTEMPTED murder accused Jason Angus Conlon says size did not play a part in attacking a much shorter man. 

"I don't care what size he is. For all I know he could've been a karate expert or something,” he said. 

The 42-year-old told Brisbane Supreme Court he steadfastly rejected any murderous intent for the attack on Peter Marion. 

Mr Conlon has pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm after the incident in Sippy Downs in November 2013 but not guilty to attempted murder. 

"I had no intention to kill him, or wanted to kill him. My intention was only to wind him. I'm no killer,” Mr Conlon told the court. 

"I only wanted to, you know, deck him, wind the man, that's all I wanted to achieve, so he couldn't get up.” 

Mr Conlon said at the time of the incident he was 178cm and weighed 67kg. 

"I was skin and bones.” 

He said he now weighed 105 or 106kg. 

Mr Marion, about 157cm tall, had started a relationship with Mr Conlon's former partner. 

The jury was shown text messages exchanges between Mr Conlon and his former girlfriend. 

"U stabbed him his dead u c***,” the woman told Mr Conlon at 3.13am on November 13, 2013. 

At 6.36am she added: "U killed him u happy?” 

Mr Conlon told the court he was worried about the well-being of a child at the house and thought there might have been a gun at the home. 

But he said he did not know who Mr Marion was. 

"You didn't know his name? You didn't know who he was?” prosecutor David Finch asked. 

"No,” was the answer. 

Mr Conlon claimed he thought Mr Marion was a friend of his former partner's 16-year-old son. 

But he added: "How could I think at that time when I didn't know who he was? I was thinking, I didn't know what to think.” 

After the bloody incident at Sippy Downs, a teenage girl staying at the house phoned police.

She told cops she heard "mum screaming, saying 'can someone help'?” 

In a police interview played to the court, the girl told Maroochydore police Mr Marion was injured. 

"I saw [him] go to the tap to wash the blood ... we realised he was in pain.”

Mr Marion earlier told the jury Mr Conlon ran at him. 

"I didn't even get a chance to turn around properly.” 

Mr Marion was outside the Statesman Circuit house when he was hit with what seemed "like a football tackle.” 

"It knocked me to the ground at first.” 

Mr Marion said he had to protect his face. 

The prosecutor alleged Mr Conlon stabbed Mr Marion several times. 

The Crown rejected Mr Conlon's plea this week. 

The trial continues. -NewsRegional