Harry Potter star ‘wanted PM to die’


Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes left British viewers shocked as she unleashed a vile rant saying she "wanted Boris Johnson to die" from the coronavirus.

Britain's Prime Minister was admitted to an intensive care unit at a London hospital last month after falling dangerously ill with COVID-19.

Margolyes, 78, was asked on The Last Leg Locked Down Under, what she thought about how the government had handled the pandemic.

Presenters Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdecombe appeared shocked as she ranted away and Margolyes quickly backtracked on her remarks.

Miriam Margolyes said she “had difficulty” not wanting Boris Johnson to die from coronavirus. Picture: Channel 4
Miriam Margolyes said she “had difficulty” not wanting Boris Johnson to die from coronavirus. Picture: Channel 4

"Appallingly, of course, appallingly. It's a disgrace, it's a scandal. It's a public scandal," she said.

"I had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die. I wanted him to die. Then I thought that will reflect badly on me and I don't want to be the sort of person that wants people to die.

"So then I wanted him to get better, which he did do, he did get better. But he didn't get better as a human being. And I really would prefer that.

"So we're in the s***, basically, here."

While many Channel 4 viewers were left horrified by her remarks, others praised her for speaking her mind.

One pointed out on Twitter: "I love The Last Leg but I don't like Miriam Margolyes saying she wishes Boris dead."


Another wrote: "Miriam's comment on Boris…..disgusting".


Margolyes also explained on the show that she had been feeling lonely during the lockdown.

The government has advised all those over the age of 70 should self-isolate for three months.

Mr Johnson recently opened up to The Sun on Sunday about his battle with the coronavirus and how he had managed to recover in time to see the birth of his son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson.

He admitted he had been reluctant to go into St Thomas' hospital, but the doctors were "adamant," fitting him with a tube and putting him on oxygen.

"It was a tough old moment, I won't deny it. They had a strategy to deal with a 'death of Stalin'-type scenario," he said.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission.

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