Harry, Meghan’s ill-timed drama 


Opinion: There's never a good time for a family argument, but when the glue of that clan is sick in hospital, it's best to lay down your arms.

Prince Philip's stay at King Edward VII's Hospital in London, we have been repeatedly told, is out of an "abundance of caution".

"He's in good spirits" has been the official line.

However, Prince Charles' tears have revealed the fears and the emotional outpouring that this hospital stay has caused.

There are questions about Prince Philip's condition - he was not seen when the Queen held a socially distanced royal gathering in early December.

Prince Charles and Camilla were there, and Prince William and Kate, too, for the Christmas carols concert.

Any hospital visit by a 99 year old is a concern, but the length of this latest stay has Britain praying for a speedy recovery.

With all this going on, it would be prudent to avoid starting a war of words with your family about other matters.

However Prince Harry and Meghan could not resist slanging back at the Queen after she revealed they were to be stripped of their royal titles with Megxit officially being signed off on Friday.

The statement said: "It is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service."

The Queen's statement about such a serious matter suggested that Prince Philip's condition was not as serious as first thought.

Why would she carry on with such a headline-grabbing act if there were other more pressing issues?



Prince Harry did not pause for thought with his official statement in response to the Queen, saying: "We can all live a life of service. Service is universal."

This statement was sent out three days after his grandfather was taken to hospital.

Did Prince Harry and Meghan not realise the headlines it would provoke, and the tensions it would stoke?

The statement was "petulant and insulting to the Queen", a royal source told The Sunday Times in London, "Don't disrespect your granny, Harry."

Another source added: "You don't answer the Queen back - it's just not done."

Prince William was said to be "really sad and genuinely shocked" at Prince Harry's public comments.

Now is a time for the family to pull together, not tear apart. The Queen wants a ceasefire.

"There is a genuine desire for things to get back to normal and for it to be about family, rather than the fractured element around the work and business relationship," a source said.

Prince Harry should set aside his differences and jump on a plane back to London.

Originally published as Harry, Meghan's ill-timed drama