DECKED OUT: Ipswich Work ’N’ Safety owner Tammy Wegener (right) and assistant Jess Truloff.
DECKED OUT: Ipswich Work ’N’ Safety owner Tammy Wegener (right) and assistant Jess Truloff. David Nielsen

Hard-working Ipswich business keeps ahead of safety game

WORKPLACE Health and Safety is an integral part of all workplaces in Australia.

Many organisations invest considerable dollars into it each year.

According to Safe Work Australia it is estimated that the total cost of workplace illness, injury and death is more than $60 billion dollars per year.

It is little wonder that we put a great deal of effort into keeping people safe.

This starts at places like Ipswich Work and Safety, who provide a wide range of products that assist in day to day safety.

"We started 10 years ago, it was a brand new business and something different to get into," owner and manager Tammy Wegener said.

"Having come from a franchise store based in Toowoomba, the move to Ipswich is to a totally independent business.

"I don't have to answer to anyone else; this is my store and I want to serve the people of Ipswich."

With a total of 18 years' experience in this industry, Tammy Wegener has a wealth of knowledge and can take a look at someone walking in and pick their size - right down to their shoes - and she said that she always gets it right.

"It is amazing how many fellas come in and don't know their size, that is usually because either mum or the wife does the buying," she said.

Ipswich Work and Safety has an extensive range of products in store.

Tammy opens 7am each week day and usually has a few customers in early who need something urgent for that day.

The Bundamba business is well known for the character Ken on the Corner - not to be missed in his pink hi-vis shirt - located at front of the store.

The business covers everything from high-visibility clothing to good dress shirts.

"We have all reputable Australian companies as our brands in store," Ms Wegener said.

You can get a hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs or a dusk mask and respirator.

They have all of the PPE gear in store.

There is an extensive range of work wear, with Ritemate and Bisley products as well as Fashion Biz and a range of other leading brands.

They do have a range of corporate wear and even carry Van Heusen dress shirts and suits.

"We can't carry everything in store," Ms Wegener said.

"I already have around $100,000 worth of stock on the floor, so sometimes I have to order in special stock items.

"These are usually less popular items for us."

This includes items like safety matts, bollards, barriers and tapes.

There's even a very good range of chef wear.

"People in that industry are amazed at what we have and we get locals in as well as people from Brisbane because of the range we carry," Ms Wegener said.

"People value that we offer friendly service. I do have some who just stop in for a chat, it is all about building relationships. We are locally owned and operated and do my own buying.

"We have a good range of suppliers."

The safety standards and rules change often so keeping up with them is often driven by customers.

"We get customers coming in telling us about a new rule and we can find out more and pass that onto other customers. It is a big job keeping up with it all but we get there," Ms Wegener said.