Andy Lee and Hamish Blake with a mariachi band in Hamish and Andy's Gap Year South America.
Andy Lee and Hamish Blake with a mariachi band in Hamish and Andy's Gap Year South America. Chanel 9/WIN

Hamish and Andy throw map out the window in latest Gap Year

HAMISH Blake and Andy Lee are a bit liberal with their geography in the new season of Gap Year.

The comedy duo's latest adventure sees them travel across South America, which is currently in the grip of World Cup fever.

But they also leave the confines of South America to explore a few key destinations north of the border.

"We cheated a bit with our definition of South America; we went to any poncho-respecting country," Blake told The Guide.

"We did make it to Costa Rica... and Mexico was so much fun.

"We relaxed it a bit to include Central and North America, but we stopped short of going to Arizona and California. We did draw the line somewhere."

The Gold Logie winner says his efforts to learn Spanish, the dominant language of the region, quickly fell over.

"I thought it would be brilliant and hilarious if we landed in Buenos Aries and I could speak fluent Spanish," he said.

"But I kept putting it off. I tried very hard on the first day to get something happening but I only learned 'it is not possible'."

Despite the language barriers, the pair was made to feel welcome.

"We're lucky for the good work of the tourists who went before us. There's a real love for Australians. That's why we'll never do a Gap Year in Bali," he laughed.

"At that stage I was leaving a pregnant wife to go on this trip, but I felt so safe. In terms of the people I never felt I was in any danger. It's way more dangerous to walk through the middle of a city on a Friday night."

Despite having professionally filmed holiday adventures to pass down to his baby boy Sonny, Blake doubts his son will be impressed by his overseas antics.

"All kids think what their dads do is lame, so he's probably never going to watch these shows," he said.

"But the spirit we go on these trips with is just fun, so if I can pass that on to Sonny then I'd see myself as having done my job as a father."

Hamish and Andy's Gap Year South America debuts tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.