Interview: Magic Mike XXL

Hamish and Andy hot for Magic Mike 'strippers': mum


HAMISH and Andy sent their mothers to the Australian premiere of Magic Mike XXL last night and things went a little unexpectedly.  

First, Hamish's mother has admitted to falling asleep during the movie, not because it wasn't good but just because she was tired.   

Second and most entertaining, the mothers interviewed Hollywood hunks  Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello and during the sit down,  told the actors that their sons think they are hot.  

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It came about while discussing the radio announces' prospective careers as strippers.  

"I think they're funny and funny is always entertaining in my opinion and ... you can create an act out of that,"  Channing Tatum said of Hamish and Andy in the interview.  

"I think they think you're hot," was Hamish's mum's reply.   

And the look on Joe Manganiello's face was um, priceless.  

Hamish and Andy think I'm what?
Hamish and Andy think I'm what?

Don't worry boys, we've all been embarrassed by our mothers at some point.  

Just maybe not in front of famous movie stars.