IN SIGHTS: Feral pigs will be targeted in the council’s 1080 baiting program this year.
IN SIGHTS: Feral pigs will be targeted in the council’s 1080 baiting program this year. Contributed

Landholders to join 1080 battle against wild pigs, dogs

GYMPIE Regional Council is aiming to build on its already successful 1080 baiting program by encouraging all eligible landholders to participate in its biannual co-ordinated 1080 baiting campaign.

Wild dogs and feral pigs are targeted for control and landholders wishing to participate are urged to get on board this co-operative approach to achieving broad scale control outcomes.

The 1080 baiting campaign will run during the first two weeks of next month.

Council has recently reviewed its 1080 baiting procedures and policies and a number of areas within the region may now be eligible for baiting while others may be now be restricted or not eligible at all.

It is advised that all interested landholders or existing 1080 baiting syndicates contact the Lands Protection Branch of Gympie Regional Council on 1300 307 800 before April 18, to check eligibility and ensure they have time to adhere to the requirements.

Landholders will be required to supply their own fresh meat bait during this campaign and attend a designated "baiting station" for bait preparations on the day assigned.

Many landholders across the region already participate in the baiting campaigns and are aware of the benefits of coordinated efforts.

The advantages of using 1080 are proven and the toxin is highly selective, so off target impacts are rare.

It is important to continue to build participation, which in turn will lead to less impact on agricultural businesses regionally.

The use of 1080 baits are subject to strict regulatory control set down in the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulations 1996 which are administered by the Queensland Department of Health.

These 1080 guidelines are intended to ensure consistent use of 1080 in Queensland, and to guarantee the continued availability of 1080 for vertebrate pest control.

Sodium fluoroacetate (1080) is a very useful pesticide for the control of pest animals and has been used throughout Australia since the early 1960s.

1080 is the most efficient, humane and species-specific pesticide currently available for declared animal control in Australia.

In Queensland, 1080 is registered for use in the control of wild dogs, feral pigs, foxes and rabbits.

1080 is widely used in Australia to protect agricultural production and native flora and fauna from the impacts of pest animals.

Council has the right to refuse any applications that do not abide to these controls.

For baiting station locations and schedules or for more information please visit or call 1300 307 800.