STOLEN CAR: Baing found with the car keys was just the beginning of the trouble for one young Gympie man.
STOLEN CAR: Baing found with the car keys was just the beginning of the trouble for one young Gympie man. Trevor Veale

Gympie man's confusing plea: 'Guilty but I didn't do it'

A GYMPIE man's confusing submissions to Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday included a guilty plea accompanied by a claim of innocence.

His comments to the court also included a "yes" accompanied by head shaking and a claim that his rehabilitation was "going well," (although) "not so well.".

"I am having difficulty understanding you," magistrate Chris Callaghan told the man.

Tye Costio Mcdonald, 23, pleaded guilty to possessing a stolen car, but then claimed he had paid for it in good faith.

"That's a not guilty plea," Mr Callaghan said. "I can't accept a plea of guilty to something you say you didn't do.

"How much did you pay for it?"

Mcdonald then said the car had been given to him and admitted he knew it was "hot."

The car, found outside a Gympie home on July 5, became a key to further police investigations.

The court was told police caught up with Mcdonald in the home's toilet with the vehicle keys on the floor.

They found an uncapped syringe in the car along with receipts for petrol and fast food.

Times and dates on the receipts enabled police to check service station and fast food secutiry video, showing him driving the car while he was disqualified and, in all but one case, while the car was unregistered.

Mcdonald pleaded guilty to driving the car on June 23, after it had been reported stolen on June 16.

The car had on June 18 been the getaway vehicle in a burglary at Gumdale, police said.

Videos from July 5 showed Mcdonald driving the car, by then unregistered, at Gunalda and Gympie service stations, as well as in the drive-through at McDonalds.

Mcdonald, whose licence had been disqualified for two years on February 14, pleaded guilty charges of disqualified driving in an unregistered vehicle at Curra, Gunalda and Gympie and unlawful possession of the car.

At one point, Mr Callaghan asked Mcdonald if he wanted to maintain his guilty pleas.

"Why not," Mcdonald said.

"Why not is because you don't understand what the charges are yet," Mr Callaghan said, before running through them a second time.

After Mcdonald withdrew his claim of having paid for the car, Mr Callaghan asked him if it had been given to him by someone who knew it was hot.

"Yes," said Mcdonald.

"You're saying yes but you're shaking your head," Mr Callaghan said.

"I knew it was stolen," Mcdonald said.

Mr Callaghan warned Mcdonald the offence was serious and, on top of a serious criminal history, would lead to jail and revocation of his parole.

"My rehabilitation into society is going well," Mcdonald said before adding, "well, not so well, because of the charges here today."

Mr Callaghan jailed Mcdonald for 12 months, with eleigibility to apply for parole from November 21.