SERT police officers, like the ones pictured here, were brought in to bring serial offender Jayden Jai Brown's run of evading police to an end after six weeks.
SERT police officers, like the ones pictured here, were brought in to bring serial offender Jayden Jai Brown's run of evading police to an end after six weeks. Rob Williams

Gun toting crim in prison after six-week police chase

A CRACK police team smashed their way into a black Holden Commodore to arrest a dangerous driver who police had been chasing down for six weeks.

However, every time they got close 23-year old Jayden Brown he would evade police by driving off in his high performance Holden.

His luck ended when a Special Emergency Response Team unit (SERT) clad in black used its vehicles to box him at a Peak Crossing servo.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court, Brown sported two blackened eyes, caused by an assault in jail and follow-up medical surgery.

Jayden Jai Brown, from Churchill, pleaded guilty to a dozen traffic related offences including dangerous operation; dangerous operation of motor vehicle with two prior convictions; four counts of failing to stop; three counts of driving when disqualified; wilfully making unnecessary noise and smoke; two counts of unlawfully possessing weapons; and more than 100 breaches of a domestic violence protection order.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Brown already had an extreme history of criminal and traffic offences.

Police sought a jail term of between two years and 2 ½ years with parole eligibility now after considering his time already spent in jail.

Mr Scott said Brown evaded police four times in 2018 on May 23, June 15, June 20, and July 3 and even when police activated their vehicles flashing lights and sirens Brown would speed off.

He said Brown clearly put in danger the lives of other road users and in one incident another driver had to swerve to avoid a head-on collision.

He was finally arrested at the service station in Peak Crossing on July 7 and had been in jail for more than 270 days awaiting sentence.

Mr Scott told Magistrate Donna MacCallum that SERT officers were used.

Windows of his Holden had to be smashed and a police dog released inside his car.

Two firearms and ammunition were found inside the Holden, a .22 rifle and .22 gauge single-barrel shortened shotgun.

The rifle was missing a firing pin and inoperable.

The large number of domestic violence offences took place while Brown was in jail and included threats to kill a young woman if she told police that a gun was not hers.

They arose from phone calls and conversations Brown had with others.

Mr Scott said Brown even ordered his mother to go and get a ring off the woman and was even recorded as saying "Go get aunty Tabitha to f--- her up”.

Mr Scott read to court the remarks of an Ipswich magistrate when sentencing Brown previously in 2017, the magistrate noting Brown stated how he wanted to make a change in his life and get his life on track.

"However, it must be conceded that his prospects of rehabilitation are starting to dim,” Mr Scott said.

Defence lawyer James Wallace said jail was appropriate given that Brown offended when on parole, and accepted his criminality as being serious.

"When arrested his eye socket was broken,” Mr Wallace said.

"He had surgery this week that's why he's got enormous black eyes today. He had a fight in jail.”

Mr Wallace said Brown "wasn't thinking clearly” and had no reason to act the way he did.

Ms MacCallum replied that was pretty much what Brown said last time.

Mr Wallace said there had been drug misuse issues and although his rehabilitation prospects were dimming, Brown was still young and some hoped did remain.

Ms MacCallum said it was sad to see a young man before the court on significant charges.

"It is quite apparent you have a very low regard for the law and a very low regard of other road users,” she said.

"You behaviour totally disrespectful of other people.

"If you continue to offend you will be going to spend the best years of your life in custody, the bulk of your youth.

"Only you can fix this.”

Brown was sentenced to two years jail and to lesser (concurrent) jail terms of 12 months, nine months, and six months.

He was disqualified from driving for five years, two years, and for 18 months.

Brown is eligible to begin his application for parole release from the parole board - the process takes months.