Gun charge possible after boy, 5, shot

DETECTIVES hope to interview a 5-year-old boy who was shot in the face near Stanthorpe, as they assess whether to lay charges over the incident.

Cameron Calvisi remains at Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital with a bullet lodged near his spine after his 12-year-old cousin accidentally fired a .22 rifle just above his left-side jaw on Tuesday afternoon.

The children were playing in the family shed on Granite Belt Drive, Cottonvale, near Stanthorpe, when they found the gun.

Cameron's grandfather, Tony Calvisi, who owns the property, said the boys had been told not to play with guns and called the shooting "an unfortunate accident".

But The Courier-Mail can reveal that police have discussed the possibility of charges in the coming days, acknowledging that the weapon was not stored appropriately prior to the tragedy.

"The gun was clearly where it shouldn't have been," an officer said.

There is no suggestion the 12-year-old would be charged.

The officer said a number of estranged family members, including Cameron's mother, had come forward to police since the tragedy.

The victim's grandfather, Tony, said Cameron lived with his father Robert and had minimal contact with his mother.

But Tony moved to dispel social media rumours that there was a nasty rivalry in the Calvisi family.

The 12-year-old shooter also partook in a lengthy interview with police in Stanthorpe on Wednesday, police said.

Meanwhile, surgeons will today attempt a second surgery to remove the bullet from Cameron's head.

Swelling hampered their initial efforts on Wednesday night, Tony said.

He described Cameron as a "happy-go-lucky boy" who loved playing with other children outdoors.

"It's how children should be. They should be allowed to run around in the outdoors without sitting in front of the TV with video games," he said.

"If they do let (Cameron) out of hospital, they'll be sending him back to Toowoomba.

"We pray and hope. That's all we can do now."