MIGALOO the white whale is in our waters.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers on a Marine Parks vessel escorted a white whale past Moreton Island today and their photos have confirmed the white whale Migaloo.

Environment Minister Steven Miles earlier said rangers thought the whale was too small to be the famed whale, but had confirmed it beyond doubt when they compared today's photos with those from 2003.

He said the whale was heading into Sunshine Coast waters.

As the whale makes its way along the southern Queensland coast, prospective Captain Ahabs have been warned.



Boats and aircraft, including drones, face $609 on-the-spot fine for getting too close and more than $20,000 if they intentionally move too close.

QPWS rangers are travelling with this pod of whales to ensure their safe passage - a safe distance from Moby Dick enthusiasts and more innocent onlookers.

The warning follows media reports of helicopters, charter boats, drones and research vessels all out to get a glimpse of Migaloo off the Gold Coast yesterday.

Mr Miles said special laws passed to protect Migaloo applied to all white whales.

He said the laws prohibited boats from approaching white whales closer than 500m and from aircraft, including drones, from getting closer than 610m.


Migaloo delighted spectators off the Tweed Coast today. SCOTT POWICK


"It's what every whale watcher dreams of, but it is really important that this animal's space is respected and no undue distress is caused," he said.

"Humpback whales are big creatures and they can behave erratically so this is not just about their safety but also the safety of people in those boats," he said.

 Members of the public who are concerned vessels may be approaching too close to humpback whales are asked to contact EHP on 1300 130 372 so that the matter can be investigated.- ARM NEWSDESK