Choices Flooring by Mallets staff members Connor Zuna, Steve Mallet, Georgia Mallet, and Sales Executive Peter Cutts.
Choices Flooring by Mallets staff members Connor Zuna, Steve Mallet, Georgia Mallet, and Sales Executive Peter Cutts. Darren Hallesy

The difference between a family business and a corporation

THE difference you get with a family business compare to a corporation, is that when you deal with a local you're keeping your money in Ipswich.

That's one of the reasons why The Mallet family are so passionate about two things: Ipswich and local business.

It's also the reason that the families hard work has paid off, as they recently took home two awards from the 190 plus store chain Choices, winning the highest percentage growth and dollar growth awards for the second straight year.

Owner Steve Mallet believes that it is his focus on being a community focused local business, along with the growth in Ipswich that resulted in the two awards, which also says a lot about our local economy.

"For us to win both those shows our economy is working in Ipswich," Mr Mallet said. "That's two years in a row we've won these awards and shows that Ipswich is still mad for renovations.

"We all see the new houses going up, but they are done by out of town builders, and I'm passionate about keeping money in Ipswich, for Ipswich."

The renovation is still booming across the city, and with the options available in flooring these days, the team at Choices Flooring by Mallets are constantly amazed at the variety of not only requests they get, but the range of options now available.

"With so many people renovating in Ipswich, it creates lots of growth. In fact the biggest growth I've seen in our lines lately are in vinyl planking," Steve said. "The reason why it has become so versatile compared to timber, is in regard to the cost, the waterproofing, the appearance and the environmentally-friendly aspects.

"People are conscious today of eco-friendly products, and these are a perfect example. I love the fact that shoppers in Ipswich always want good value for money, because that's what we all want.

"We (The Mallet Family) are Ipswich born and bred, we've always lived and worked here and we want to see the community thrive. We always support the Ipswich community where we can, and we went to school here, just like our own children. I've learnt so much working in Ipswich for so long. I just want to run an honest business, with a passion for the city, and for the Top of Town precinct, because if we support Ipswich then the city will continue to grow.

"It's not about getting a fast buck, its about sustainability. That's why it's great to get these awards, we aren't here to just sell, we are here to advise the best solution for your flooring or blinds to suit the application required to fulfil our customer's needs , and we want customers to be happy with the result. I'd never want to cloud anyone's judgement as when it comes to renovations people are pretty savvy, they know what they like."

See for yourself why people in Ipswich shop locally for their carpet, timber, blinds, tiles, vinyls and bamboo, at 156 Brisbane Street Ipswich, right in the heart of the Top Of Town precinct.

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