Coal seam gas drilling rig on the Western Downs.
Coal seam gas drilling rig on the Western Downs. Contributed

Group slams CSG industry 'spin' that landholders are happy

A LANDHOLDER group on the Darling Downs has labelled coal seam gas industry claims that more than 4000 land agreements showed happy co-existence as "ludicrous".

The Basin Sustainability Alliance chairman Wayne Newton said it was "appalled by industry spin" that said landholders subjected to 4017 access agreements with the CSG industry were happy.

He called on the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, which released the industry statements earlier this week; to produce evidence landholders were calling it "a great deal".

"True co-existence occurs between landholders and CSG companies when both parties come to the table on an equal footing, and choose to enter into an agreement based on that," he said.

Mr Newton said it would be interesting to see how many agreements people would have signed if they "were not forced by law to reach an agreement".

"For many landholders, this is a circumstance that has been thrust upon them against their will, often under extreme pressure and by the use of threats," he said.

"So, for APPEA to say that the CSG industry is 'widely accepted in regional Queensland and is based on mutual respect and trust' is, quite frankly, insulting.

"While there are landholders who do enjoy such a relationship with the CSG industry, they appear to be very few and far between."

The APPEA was commenting on released internal industry data claiming the 4017 land access agreements signed in Queensland to date showed the industry was working well with landholders.