When released the sex offender must complete a three-year probation order and a sex offenders treatment program.
When released the sex offender must complete a three-year probation order and a sex offenders treatment program.

Grotty step-dad films girls and gets sent back to jail

A STEPDAD in relationships with two different women has been convicted of filming their daughters naked and indecently touching a younger sister.

His shameful breaches of trust ended both relationships and were revealed in Ipswich District Court when the 34-year-old man was again sent to jail for his crimes.

The Ipswich tradie was also ordered by Judge Dennis Lynch QC to complete a sex offenders treatment program.

The qualified carpenter pleaded guilty to making a recording of a teenage female in breach of privacy when engaged in a private act; and making child exploitation material of a child under 16.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer said the offences took place in August and December 2016, and involved two different daughters.

Mr Anoozer said the man was convicted some years after being found guilty in a jury trial of two counts of indecent treatment of a child, and was sentenced then to a 12-month jail term that was suspended after six months.

In that crime, the victim was the 14-year-old sister of his now former de facto.

In the fresh case, the victims were the daughters of a new partner, one – the youngest – who was 14 at the time.

Mr Anoozer said the man’s partner made the awful discovery when she saw an email he sent himself of her two naked daughter’s in the family bathroom after showering.

He admitted using his mobile phone to video record them through the gap of a partially open bathroom door. Neither had been aware.

Screenshots were found of the naked youngest girl.

Mr Anoozer said the man offended for his own sexual gratification and this was done in the family home where they were entitled to feel safe.

The Crown sought a jail term of 18 months, or six months’ jail with a lengthy supervised probation order when taking into account his previous offences against a child.

Defence barrister Clare O’Connor said the man had read the victim impact statements and was sorry for what he had caused in what was clearly a grievous breach of trust.

“He was not there solely to prey on the children,” she said (in reference to a comment made).

Ms O’Connor said while she well understood the two females were in fear that his recordings were out there on the internet, the man instructs he did not share the images with anyone else and only sent them to himself.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said clearly the footage was sexually orientated despite what the offender said. He said they were clearly a disgraceful breach of their trust that had a significant impact on them.

He said the man was part of the family household while in a relationship with their mother.

“You were trusted and abused that trust. The family has struggled to come to terms with that betrayal,” Judge Lynch said.

He took into consideration a psychological report and professional counselling being done, and noted that the man denied having a sexual attraction to children and had not been diagnosed with pedophilia.

The man was convicted and sentenced to an 18-month jail term and ordered to serve six months. When released, he must complete a three-year probation order and a sex offenders treatment program.