A YOUNG tradie is trying to turn his life around after blowing an inheritence on drugs.
A YOUNG tradie is trying to turn his life around after blowing an inheritence on drugs.

Grieving tradie blows inheritance money on ice habit

AN IPSWICH court has heard the tragic story of how a young tradesman blew an inheritance on drugs, then began selling cocaine and marijuana to continue funding his habit.

Travis James Elliott-Bond, 26, from Silkstone, pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to 12 charges of supplying cocaine and marijuana in April 2019; possession of property suspected of being used in a drug offence; possession of dangerous drugs; and possession of drug utensils.

Defence barrister Jason Buckland said Elliott-Bond had twice returned to work since 2018 but ongoing drug issues meant he could not continue.

Mr Buckland said the deaths of his grandparents and an aunty had led to his use of ice.

“He received an inheritance. Word got out to friends and with their encouragement he began using ice,” Mr Buckland said.

“He soon had a habit and exhausted the funds.”

Mr Buckland said he was a man who had been dealing only small amounts of drugs for the primary purpose to fund his own drug use.

He had developed insight into his drug use and stopped using ice, although had at times used marijuana.

Mr Buckland said Elliott-Bond had been cooperative with police and even supplied the PIN to unlock his mobile phone where incriminating text messages were located.

With the support of family he intends to return to work.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC sentenced Elliott-Bond to an 18-month jail term for the more serious three cocaine offences, with immediate release to parole.

He noted letters to the court about positive changes he has made to his lifestyle.

“Count yourself very lucky you are not going into prison. You are very close,” Judge Lynch said.

“You have a supportive family and have demonstrated you have changed; a positive mindset.”

Judge Lynch noted that Elliott-Bond had a history of drug offending since 2016, including a District Court sentence in September 2019 for a large quantity of MDMA tablets. For that he received a jail order with immediate parole.

“To deal, supply drugs whether cannabis or cocaine is serious. It brings untold misery to the community,” Judge Lynch said

“It can have disastrous effects on people prone to mental health disorders.

“You should understand Mr Elliott-Bond you are on the precipice. Any return to this behaviour will see you actually imprisoned.”