Racist abuse hurled at grieving friends


AS THEY mourned the loss of their 15-year-old mate in a birthday party tragedy, a random man started yelling racist abuse at African teenagers, disturbing footage shows.

The images from Glenelg Beach in Adelaide yesterday were taken after the lifeless body of the Goodwood teen was spotted by beachgoers in calm waters underneath the jetty where he had been seen jumping off earlier in the afternoon. Despite efforts to save him, the teen, believed to be from the African nation of Burundi, died at the scene.

The footage was uploaded onto social media with the caption: "Black child just died and this fool wants to say s**t like this. SMH TOLERATE NO RACISM."

Police say they are aware of the incident. Picture: Facebook/Alain Aquade.
Police say they are aware of the incident. Picture: Facebook/Alain Aquade.

In the video, a passer-by is pointing at about 15 youths of African appearance and yelling:

"You're weak, you're all f***ing weak, you weak f***ing dogs," he shouts. "You f***ing black c***s."

The group of teenagers then turn on the man in the footage - throwing punches to the back of his head.

Local police say they are aware of the altercation, which they say occurred a short time after the boy drowned but added that it was unrelated to his death.

Alain Aquade, who filmed the incident said the man's tirade was unprovoked.

"I can assure you all that nothing was done to him prior to any of this," Aquade posted on Facebook. "He was the one instigating the whole thing and was only "harassed" after what he said."

The infamous stretch of water claimed the life of 15-year-old Pacific School Games star Nitisha Negi from India just last week.

Her body was found on Monday morning, after she and four others fell from the rocks into the sea on Sunday.

Frida Meares, 12, was one of the first to alert lifesavers after seeing girls waving in the water near the rocks at Holdfast Marina about 5.50pm last Sunday.

"We heard screams and people in distress," she told The Advertiser.

"Without thinking, I started to run towards the lifesavers ... they all stood up when they saw me."

Negi's death followed those of 11-year-old migrant boys Frank Ndikuriyo and Thierry Niyomwungere, who had been playing on the same breakwater on New Year's Day in 2016.