Greens see red over Labor candidate's use of their poster

Lismore Labor candidate Isaac Smith's new Facebook profile picture.
Lismore Labor candidate Isaac Smith's new Facebook profile picture.

WHO says it's not easy being Green.

Lismore Labor candidate Isaac Smith has local Greens supporters seeing red over his use of a cropped part of a Greens campaign poster as his Facebook profile picture.

The image has sparked a small storm of debate on Mr Smith's Facebook page, but he says he has been given permission by its author to continue using it and has no plans to take it down.

Mr Smith said he got the image from a member of the Knitting Nannas and used it because the Nannas were an apolitical group.

The full Greens poster.
The full Greens poster.

"It's great, isn't it," Mr Smith said when asked about the controversy.

It's worth noting, the image has prompted more comments on Mr Smith's Facebook page than any post since the campaign began.

And Mr Smith points out the Greens are just as happy to "borrow" images from Labor, pointing to two images Lismore Greens candidate Adam Guise posted of of himself and, in one of the images, Greens Senator Scott Ludlum, posing next to a Labor campaign sign on a bus stop at Lismore.

"I didn't make a fuss when when Adam Guise and (NSW Greens MLC) John Kaye stood next to our bus shelters ... because I thought we were all on the same page with this," Mr Smith said. (Mr Guise's Facebook page does not appear to have an image of he and John Kaye posing in front of the bus shelter poster).

"It's getting a bit petty really ... and the closer we get to voting day the sillier it gets."

Some of the Greens supporters commenting on Mr Smith's Facebook page say the image was made specifically for the Greens to use as a campaign poster.

"I had this meme made for the Greens; the Greens branding is on the original," commented Bronya Yulunga Flux.

"I'm pretty stoked that you like it so much and want to use it (same messaging and all), but it'd also be rad if the Greens could be credited for the work we've done."

"Imitation is a sincerest form of flattery. Will you be voting Green on Saturday week, Isaac?" commented Chris Turnbull.

"It wouldn't take much effort to be original," he comments further on.

"We don't need to be original," Mr Smith responds. "We need to be united!"