Clive Palmer says he will run for PM. The Greens say he should pay more tax.
Clive Palmer says he will run for PM. The Greens say he should pay more tax. Richard Bruinsma

Greens say Palmer should help fund Gonski, disability scheme

THE Queensland Greens has challenged billionaire Clive Palmer to say whether mining magnates should pay more tax to help fund education and disability schemes in the state.

Mr Palmer said he today would run for the position of prime minster, standing in the Sunshine Coast-based seat of Fairfax at the upcoming federal election.

The announcement comes after Mr Palmer said he would register the United Australia Party and gather candidates for the lower house seats and senate to contest the election on September 14.

The Greens candidate for the federal seat of Ryan, Charles Worringham said Mr Palmer had a vested interest in not paying more tax, desperately needed to fund schemes including the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Gonski education reforms.

"Mr Palmer needs to tell the Queensland voters if he would support mining companies paying a fairer share of tax to fund schemes that would benefit all Queenslanders," Mr Worringham said.

He said Mr Palmer owned property in the west Brisbane electorate of Ryan and he should contest that seat.

"I understand Mr Palmer lives in our electorate, so this should be the obvious choice for his campaign," he said.

"The Greens have very strong support in west Brisbane and we would welcome robust debate with Mr Palmer on any subject.

"Mr Palmer advocates greatly expanded coal extraction at a time when we face serious affects of climate change that are increased by the burning of fossil fuels. Obviously he has a vested interest in pushing this barrow.''

Earlier Treasurer Wayne Swan slammed Mr Palmer's claims that vested interested were controlling political parties, saying Mr Palmer had been a lifetime member of the LNP and a key financial supporter.

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