Greens out to stop logging and grazing in National Parks

GRAZING and logging in national parks could be regulated more strictly under a policy The Greens plan to take to the election.

Party Leader Senator Christine Milne said the policy could see listing all national parks under Commonwealth environment law.

Such a move would commit the Federal Government to strict oversight of the parks, preventing state governments from allowing sustainable logging, grazing or potentially even shooting in the parks.

Despite a water trigger amendment for large coalmines to the same laws before the Senate, Senator Milne said the party was unable to bring on such an amendment before the election.

She said there were more than 100 bills for parliament to get through before the election, and there was not enough time to debate the Greens proposal.

Senator Milne also said The Greens had not discussed the policy with either the Gillard Government or the Opposition, despite currently holding the balance of power in the Senate.

The policy would see all parks listed under the Environmental Protection, Biodiversity and Conservation Act.

It would mean any future proposals for grazing or logging in parks would need to go through the environmental impact assessment that most mining companies currently have to complete.