Abbot Point Coal Terminal.
Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Peter Holt

Greens' Abbot Point motion defeated in Senate

A GREENS motion calling on the Senate to take note of community concerns surrounding the Abbot Point dredging project was defeated in Canberra on Wednesday.

The motion, introduced by Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters, called on the Senate to note concerns of tourism operators and scientists about the project.

It also called on the red chamber to note the "withdrawal of BHP Billiton from the proposed T2 terminal", citing lack of need for additional capacity.

However, Senators across the Coalition and Labor voted the motion down, with Queensland Senator Ian MacDonald going as far to label it "maliciously erroneous".

Sen Waters said the major parties' had refused to support the motion and accept the "strong scientific, international and community concern" surrounding expansions at the port.