Amanda Balmer

Graphic shows how Queensland's debt climbs by the second

FANCY watching Queensland's debt climb at a rate of $450,000 an hour?

Or how about seeing how that debt compares with the rest of Australia.

As part of its push to highlight the state's 'debt crisis', the state government's Strong Choices website has added a feature to show debt climbing by the second.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the unprecedented scale of the State's debt, which now drains $4 billion in interest repayments every year, was being realised by huge numbers of Queenslanders.

"Since beginning the Strong Choices conversation with Queenslanders, more than 40,000 Queenslanders have used the People's Budget tool to make their submission and the Strong Choices website has received more than 178,000 unique visits and 844,000 page views," Mr Nicholls said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Now Queenslanders will have another tool to inform themselves about the unprecedented scale of the State's accumulated debt problem and compare Queensland's debt and interest levels to every other state in the nation.

"They can watch our $450,000 an hour in dead interest repayments accumulate in real time, as they consider how they would reduce the debt and their priorities for the Government's plan to securely fund our future.

"Our Government has big plans to build the social and economic infrastructure necessary for Queensland's growing population, like roads, hospitals, dams, schools and railway lines.

"But to turn those plans into reality, we first have to deal with a State debt accumulated over the last ten years of mismanagement and waste from the previous Labor Government.

"Securing Queensland's future is a serious business, and it can be difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the budget process, with all that must be taken into account when making economic choices.''

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