Grant Denyer’s Masked Singer reveal

Grant Denyer is either playing games or he's actually a contestant on The Masked Singer.

Speaking to Confidential this week, the popular Channel 10 presenter revealed he has been taking weekly singing lessons for the past few years.

"I have no idea why, I just wanted to learn a new skill or a new craft," the Celebrity Name Game host said.

Is TV star Grant Denyer on The Masked Singer?
Is TV star Grant Denyer on The Masked Singer?

"I like music. I play guitar and I play the drums. I love the art of singing, it is the most incredible craft and it is so impressive when you watch someone that can do it well.

"I just wanted to have a go and see where it took me. I have no idea what I am doing."

Denyer's singing teacher is John Farnham's back-up singer Lindsay Field.

He released a track, Driving Home For Christmas, last year for Rural Aid that went to number five on the charts.

With The Masked Singer a smash hit for Ten, social media has been busy with punters trying to guess who is behind the celebrity voice masked by crazy costumes and many are suggesting Denyer could be the Dragon.


Is Grant Denyer Dragon on The Masked Singer Australia?
Is Grant Denyer Dragon on The Masked Singer Australia?

"I probably wouldn't have told you I'm doing singing lessons if I was on The Masked Singer," he said.

"I have been getting text messages from family and friends like crazy asking if it is me and these are the closest people to me so clearly everyone is swept up in the hysteria.

"There's a few clues kicking around that point in my direction so make of it what you will.

"I like television that is a bit mad and this is a lot mad."


Denyer with the world’s biggest box of Favourites.
Denyer with the world’s biggest box of Favourites.


Confidential caught up with Denyer at Circular Quay this week as he unveiled the world's Biggest Cadbury Favourites box with an activation to be held tomorrow.

"I like big things, I've travelled this country a lot and I like the Big Banana and the Big Pineapple, this could be the permanent fixture that Circular Quay didn't know it needed," he joked.

He was all smiles and full of energy after earlier this year suffering a few health blows that included being bed ridden with a back injury during shooting of Dancing With The Stars.

He was also struck by a bad bout of Bali belly.

"I am 100 per cent now," the father of two, who celebrated his 42nd birthday last month, said. "I was not one who was very good listening to his body, particularly growing up and now I am a lot more aware of its signals and I am open to them more. When you are pushing the envelope and you are working hard, you have to read the signs before it is too late."