Awkward: Grant Denyer’s big Sunrise stuff-up

GRANT Denyer has opened up about one of his biggest live TV stuff-ups.

The popular presenter, 40, told a story on 2Day FM this morning about one of his Sunrise weather segments that went horribly wrong.

"There was a thing where Paul Newman was giving away a lot of money, $1 million for charity and we were doing it on Sunrise," Denyer said on 2Day FM.

"We were going to present a $100,000 cheque to a special needs school, they brought a brand new van with a nice rear loading door to get the wheelchair in the back. We showcased the van in all its glory on television, we lowered the rear hydraulic door down."

But unbeknown to Denyer and the Sunrise crew, one of the students was caught in the firing line.

"We lowered the door right down onto the foot of one of the special needs little kiddies," Denyer recalled.

Grant Denyer during his Sunrise days.
Grant Denyer during his Sunrise days.

"We didn't realise for about three or four minutes. He was crying out and screaming and his mum, she was on television and was enjoying being on television, so she was trying to quieten him down and we didn't realise the door was on his foot."

Denyer was the weather presenter on Sunrise between from 2004 to 2006 and also from 2010 to 2013.

He now hosts Family Feud on Channel 10 for which he's received Gold Logie nominations for the past two years.

And this morning he kicked off his new gig as one-third of the 2Day FM breakfast show in Sydney alongside Ed Kavalee and Em Rusciano.