Cold weather in Stanthorpe. Pic Peter Wallis
Cold weather in Stanthorpe. Pic Peter Wallis

Granite Belt records lowest temperature in Queensland

THE cooler weather made a statement this morning as a Granite Belt suburb recorded the lowest temperature in Queensland.

Peter Markworth from Bureau of Metrology said Applethorpe recorded a minimum temperature of negative two degrees, the coldest location this year.

"Stanthorpe was a little bit warmer. Recording a temperature of two degrees," Mr Markworth said.

He said the cool changed carried over from the weekend, where Saturday's temperature plummeted to minimum of four degrees while Sunday warmed to eight degrees.

Mr Markworth said while it will warm up during the week, we can expect to see 'these cold snaps' regularly in the lead up to winter.

 "Temperatures will warm up gradually during the week before another trough moves towards the area over the weekend," he said.