Police say a Mackay man has been charged after chopping into posts with an axe at Town Beach.
Police say a Mackay man has been charged after chopping into posts with an axe at Town Beach. Martin Cathrae

Grandfather's axe attack on man who was violent to daughter

A GRANDFATHER was so frustrated at the way his daughter and grandchild were being treated by his daughter's partner, he took an axe to the man while they were in Rockhampton for work.

Dalby man Anthony James Frid, 48, pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 16 to one count of assault, one of wilful damage and one of deprivation of liberty.

The court heard Frid and his victim were both working for the same person - who shouted his employees a slab of beer at 3pm on March 31.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said the 24-year-old victim was asleep when he was woken by Frid kicking him in the head with steel-capped boots.

He said the victim started bleeding while Frid stood over him with an axe, demanding he get him money and prevented the victim from leaving the donga where they were staying at Keppel Sands.

The court heard Frid swung the axe around, hitting the victim in the buttock and legs and knees, mostly with the blunt end.

The victim put his arms up to stop Frid swinging the axe at his head, resulting in the victim's arms being cut and bruised.

Frid also grabbed the victim's phone, throwing it on the ground and smashing it with the axe. Frid then picked up a pillow case and filled it with cans which he then swung at the victim.

Mr Studdert said police were contacted and they found the victim with cuts and bruises to his arms and legs.

He was taken to Rockhampton Hospital where he spent the night.

Frid fled the work camp, but was located that night.

The court heard Frid, who drank 10 beers that night, had become frustrated at the victim for failing to "provide for his daughter and child, spending too much time on the phone and taking drugs".

The court heard Frid didn't recall kicking the victim, thought he'd only used the blunt end of the axe and did not recall the cans and pillow.

Frid was supported in court by his wife of over 20 years.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said the victim was Frid's daughter's then-partner who had been violent towards her.

She said Frid was so horrified about his "out of character" actions, when he fled the scene he called his wife who convinced him to return to the scene and after being released from the watch house, helped him get mental health treatment.

"You could have killed someone," Magistrate Mark Morrow said.

Mr Morrow sentenced Frid to 12-months' jail with immediate parole and $670 restitution for the phone.