TOOWOOMBA Grammar School students James Kleidon and Ollie Bierhoff won't be lacing up their rugby boots any time soon.

Having suffered serious neck injuries in July, the pair have been sidelined but their path to recovery has been positive.

Speaking at a special news conference, TGS headmaster Peter Hauser said James returned to school shortly after his July injury while Ollie remains in hospital.

"Oliver is doing quite well at the PA Hospital, in fact yesterday we heard he was throwing a rugby ball around so there is mobility there," Mr Hauser said.

"He's having good workouts, he's walking, doing some stair work - it's a long term one for Oliver but we are very encouraged by the news from the hospital and the specialists.

"His parents are very very pleased.

"James Kleidon had a similar injury, a dislocated vertebrae.

"Quite remarkably James is now back at school, full recovery, full mobility and he's probably itching to play rugby but I think we'll put him on hold for a while."

Mr Hauser said he was concerned for the welfare of the four GPS rugby players, including James and Ollie, who have suffered neck injuries in the past month but he was not alarmed by the number.

"It's a contact sport and the boys know there will be some risks involved," he said.

"But I can assure you I've got more boys injured in farming accidents, mountain bike riding and surfing then I have in rugby union.

"The last major injury such as one sustained by these boys was in 2012, prior to that it was 2005 - so they're isolated events.

"They're ones we'll certainly review, that's standard practice here at the school.

"The boys' welfare is a priority for me."


Toowoomba Grammar School headmaster Peter Hauser addresses media in relation to recent serious injuries in the GPS rugby competition, Monday, August 6, 2018.
INJURY UPDATED: Toowoomba Grammar School headmaster Peter Hauser said students James Kleidon and Ollie Bierhoff on the road to recovery after suffering serious spinal injuries during rugby union matches in July. Kevin Farmer