Hamish and Andy
Hamish and Andy

Goooodbye Hamish and Andy (from our radios)

HAMISH Blake and Andy Lee have announced they are quitting radio.

The comedian duo made the announcement during their last show for the year on Friday.

They told listeners 2017 will be their last year on radio.

"Next year will be our final year for radio," Andy said on the program.

The pair have been working on a new TV show, which will be aired midway through 2017.

Hamish and Andy at the Byron Bay Hotel for their last performance with their band Cool Boys And The Frontman Hamish & Andy | Facebook

"We've had 13 years of doing daily weekly radio...

"We actually were thinking of stopping this year but we're having way too much fun so we're balancing the TV show," Andy said.

"This year on radio has been the funnest of our entire careers," Hamish said.

The announcement came on the last day of Hamish and Andy's five day tour with their band the Cool Boys And The Frontman.

They played their first gig with The Veronicas at a Year 10 formal in Wodonga followed by a performance with Shannon Noll in front of a thousand strong crowd at the reopening of the Rankins Springs Hotel in central NSW.

>> WATCH: Hamish and Andy's Cool Boys And The Frontman (Shannon Noll) perform at Rankins Springs

Their third gig with The Wiggles was at the University of Newcastle's School of Nursing grad ball before wrapping up their tour with a performance at the Byron Bay Beach Hotel with Guy Sebastian.

Hamish and Andy first started broadcasting on Fox FM in 2006.

In July last year the duo made a come back to daily radio, returning to host the national Drive slot (4-6pm weekdays).

They'll now return to air in March for their final year.

Hamish said the first 10 weeks of 2017 will be a '10 Years in 10 Weeks' special to celebrate their decade plus on air.