Google gets active with wearable devices

GOOGLE will launch a new take on its Android mobile operating system to speed up the develop

ment of wearable devices, starting "with the most familiar wearable - watches".

The internet giant promised the newly-created Android Wear operating system would deliver functional wearables that work on four key fronts.

Firstly, smart watches using Android Wear will be able to give "straight answers to spoken questions", with users activating Google searches using the command "OK Google".

Secondly, Google Now will offer reminders by tapping into your calendar to offer info about upcoming meetings and the like.

Thirdly, Android Wear smart watches will connect to other devices, such as your phone and TV, acting as a remote or as easily-accessible display for notifications.

Fourthly, Google said that Android Wear would also sync with fitness apps, offering health information at a glance.