GEARING UP: Janette Czernia of Obsession Shoes Boutique in the Top of Town with some of her new winter stock.
GEARING UP: Janette Czernia of Obsession Shoes Boutique in the Top of Town with some of her new winter stock. David Nielsen

Goody - new shoes will have you walking tall this season

DESPITE the recent hot temperatures, we are now firmly into autumn.

And with that seasonal change comes a change in fashion.

Obsession Shoes, at the Top of Town, is gearing up for the new season with a range of comfortable shoes for your needs.

Owner Janette Czernia is passionate about her business and of the precinct.

The mix of businesses and the type of products on sale are attracting people into the area.

"We get a lot of people who are discovering us and they are blown away by what we have," Ms Czernia said.

At first glance, the store is all about saying goodbye to this summer.

"The sale on summer footwear is going well and making room for the new autumn stock.

"We do have ankle boots and brogue shoes, with knee-highs coming a bit later in the season.

"Nice, comfortable shoes and great stock are ready for you during the early season needs.

"I trade late on Wednesday evening. We are open until 6pm.

"I thought that it would be a good time for shoppers to get something organised for the weekend or to have a choice away from the other late-night trading options," she said.

"I love the fact that we are in the midst of a great space.

"And I love the Top of Town and having the cafes. Other businesses in the area all bring people here."

The Top of Town holds the retail focus while the Ipswich Mall continues to undergo redevelopment.

Woolworths will be demolished in the next few weeks, Councillor David Martin said.

"I think this significant change on the mall will give the public a very visible sign of change and progress," he said.

"The Top of Town is doing well. I am excited about the number of cafes and restaurants in the area along with some 'quirky' businesses."

Cr Martin paid tribute to the store owners and developers of the Top of Town.

Cr Martin was also upbeat about the long-awaited Ipswich Mall redevelopment.

Ms Czernia said lots of people have commented on the new mall and were looking forward to what it will bring to the location.

"It will be home to a performing arts area which will be larger than Brisbane's King George Square," Cr Martin added.

"We have to go through this relatively short-term pain for significant gain."

Cr Martin said the Bremer River was also in for some work and access to the riverfront parklands will be installed from the Bradfield Bridge area.

Obsession Shoes is one example of the diverse and successful businesses allowing people to buy goods locally.

"We have a lot of people who are so pleased we are here," Ms Czernia said.

"Many people used to go to Brisbane but now they stay here."

The business also has a range of hats, fascinators and other accessories.