WAITING: Goodna flood victim Frank Beaumont is getting updates on the class action from Maurice Blackburn.
WAITING: Goodna flood victim Frank Beaumont is getting updates on the class action from Maurice Blackburn. Inga Williams

Ipswich flood victim's heartache as legal action drags on

A GOODNA flood victim who watched water rise to the roof of his two-storey home almost eight years ago remains hopeful the legal system will bring closure.

While the mud has been washed off the walls of Frank Beaumont's home, the mental scars remain.

He lost everything on January 11, 2011, when a rising Brisbane River inundated his home.

Subsequent events related to the deluge would tear his family apart and leave the flood-zoned home worthless.

Mr Beaumont has watched and waited this year as the flood class action continues in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Filed by Maurice Blackburn, the action is seeking compensation for financial loss and damage caused by the negligent operation of Wivenhoe and Somerset dams during the flood.

"We're getting updates from Maurice Blackburn on a fairly sparse timeframe," Mr Beaumont said

"There's little they can tell us at the present moment other than what is actually happening in the court.

"They believe it will be finalised finally in December."

Mr Beaumont said even if the trial finished this year, there was still likely to be several months of uncertainty as the judge considers his verdict and appropriate payout.

"It could take some time before we see any money out of it," he said.

"Everybody is of the opinion that it is dragging on far too long."

He remains hopeful for a favourable outcome for victims of the flood.

"When we had to spend the amount of money we had to spend, and what it cost us in personal situations... it was a lot of hardship," he said

"I think a lot of families had a lot of family break-ups and because of the flood it created a lot of anxiety and financial stress."

As the class action continues, the Goodna man is taking each day as it comes and is optimistic the financial hardship will soon end.

"You just keep battling on and hoping, eventually, we'll get something," he said.

"We're not going to be bloody millionaires, but it will help.

"After the flood hit, we finished up with nothing."

Goodna was one of the hardest hit suburbs in 2011, with a flood level height of 16.4m.

More than 600 properties were destroyed.

The trial is continuing.

- Hayden Johnson