Gatton couple Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin were planning to get married in August before tragedy struck.
Gatton couple Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin were planning to get married in August before tragedy struck.

Good Samaritan battles to keep legs after roadside collision

WHEN Gatton couple Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin witnessed a car crash, their first instinct was to pull over and help.

Little did they know, the good deed would land Ms Polzin in hospital, fighting to save both her pregnancy and her legs.

The couple were driving home from Warwick last Monday, when Mr Holzheimer, a firefighter by trade, saw two cars crash behind them at the intersection of Gatton-Helidon and Gatton-Clifton Road.

The couple pulled off the road and started to get out of the car - but "in seconds it all went wrong".

"One of the cars involved in the accident went to pull off the road, and from what I understand, another driver sat up in his seat and hit the accelerator by mistake," Mr Holzheimer said.

"Mikaela was about to get out of the car with the first aid kit - she saw the car heading straight towards her and tried to pull her legs back (into the car).

"I looked as the car hit (our car) door and then I just heard screaming. I ran over - I didn't realise how severe it was until I looked over the door and saw her foot hanging there."

Ms Polzin, 28 weeks pregnant at the time, sustained a compound fracture and severe laceration to her lower left leg and had torn ligaments and tendons in near her ankle in the right.

"I've always been brought up that a man should protect his family - and here I was, feeling helpless as she screamed in pain," Mr Holzheimer said.

A RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter transported Ms Polzin to the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital.

Since her arrival at hospital, she has undergone multiple surgeries to save her legs, including the insertion of a metal rod and preparation for a skin graft on her left leg.

But the biggest scare for the couple came on Thursday night, when Ms Polzin started to have contractions.

"They brought her down into the birthing suite, and got it under control," Mr Holzheimer said.

"Bub is going strong- we were anxious about the stress and medication but the team is doing its best to keep them both settled.

"They are trying to keep the baby in there for as long as possible."

There has been a huge outpouring of community support for the couple who said they are "living in the unknown".

Mr Holzheimer expressed his thanks to the people that jumped to their aid in the minutes after the accident.

"There were two truck drivers and a man and his wife that sat with Mikaela - I don't know who you are, but thank you, you helped us immensely."

There is still a way to go in Ms Polzin's treatment. For those looking to support the family with medical bills, you can donate here.

The couple said they are planning to donate the excess to RACQ LifeFlight for maintenance of its helicopters.