Salvation Army representative Captain Steve Spencer with Zoe McLellan.
Salvation Army representative Captain Steve Spencer with Zoe McLellan.

GOOD NEWS STORY: 15yo donates pay packet to needy families

A TEENAGER with a small wage and a big heart has given away her whole week's pay to buy Christmas presents for children.

Mirani State High School student and part-time busker Zoe McLellan melted her mum's heart after telling her she wanted her money to go towards struggling families.

"I started thinking about kids who don't get a very good Christmas because their families are struggling," the 15-year-old said. "So I asked my mum what I could do to help them and she mentioned the Salvation Army."

Zoe donated the tips and wage she receives for busking outside Ma's Pizza after school.

Salvation Army representative Captain Steve Spencer was over the moon, especially after being the target of thieves this week.

"Teenagers don't earn much money, so when a young lady offers to give her whole week's wages to help buy toys for kids at Christmas, it melts my heart," he wrote online.

Zoe said her $70 donation was inspired by her boss Amanda Webber, who owns Ma's Pizza.

Mrs Webber gave $1000 out of her own pocket to charity to put "some Christmas spirit into the community".

"Zoe messaged me last week and saw we donated to the Salvation Army; she said she wanted to donate money to the Salvation Army as well," Mrs Webber said.

"She is absolutely a beautiful young thing and she's so talented."

Zoe said she's glad Mrs Webber, as well as her parents, had inspired her to be a good person in this world.

She's happy to see her busking money go towards a good cause and hopes it puts smiles on children's faces.

As well as Ma's Pizza, she often sings for festivals such as the Pioneer Valley Music Association, and hopes to one day make a career out of her music.

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