Christopher Pyne
Christopher Pyne MICK TSIKAS

Gonski will become Chris Pyne’s 'Conski'

MALCOLM Turnbull's budget may be seen by some as an attempt to de-toxify Tony Abbott's legacy.

He is digging into Abbott's beloved superannuation "piggybank".

He is, to some extent, clamping down on multi-nationals and introducing Abbott's "workers' tax" descriptor on smokers.

But health cuts are nowhere near replenished and Gonski will become Christopher Pyne's "Conski" as the government seeks its own ersatz version of educational planning.

Higher education deregulation remains on the table.

In spite of a change of heart on investment in renewables, Turnbull is still tied to Abbott's discredited direct action policy on climate change.

The $160 million marriage equality plebiscite remains a commitment and the deficit levy on high income earners will be removed.

F. CARROLL Moorooka