Outcrop of free-digging conglomerate. Unconformity at base of cliff.
Outcrop of free-digging conglomerate. Unconformity at base of cliff. Contributed

Gold deposit exploration ramps up west of Mackay

IMPACT Minerals Limited are ramping up their work schedule in search of hydrothermal gold deposits in the Bowen Basin west of Mackay.

The Western Australia-based prospecting company have collected about 8.5 tonnes of first pass bulk samples from their Blackridge conglomerate-hosted gold project located 30km north of Clermont.

The Blackridge Project covers the historic Blackridge and Springs mining camps which produced about 185,000 ounces of gold from 1879 to the early 1900's from surface down to depths of about 70 metres in small shafts and related underground workings.

In an ASX announcement, Impact managing director Dr Michael Jones said the samples were chosen on the basis of the presence of gold nuggets discovered by prospectors and also for their rock mechanics properties to help determine likely processing routes for larger sampling programmes.

"Three main sample types have been identified: free digging samples; hard indurated (solid) rock; and clay-rich samples," Dr Jones said.

"The majority of the samples comprise free digging material of friable conglomerate and it is evident that large volumes of this material are present on Impact's licences.

"These samples will be wet processed in a facility in Queensland within the next month. Further consideration will be given to the other sample types in due course."

Impact's Blackridge project now includes one granted Mining Lease and four Mining Lease Applications, which, when the appropriate Plan of Operations and the Applications are approved, will allow the collection of very large samples and early trial mining if results warrant.