Gold Coast MP sickened by Nazi graffiti

BONNEY MP Sam O'Connor is facing a graffiti war on his doorstep with teenagers suspected of depicting him as Adolf Hitler on signs outside his Gold Coast electoral office.

The LNP MP has challenged the teenage vandals to book a visit so he could deliver a history lesson on the Nazi regime in World War II.

"Normally I laugh about the graffiti that gets drawn on my office sign but there was several million reasons why Hitler and Nazis aren't funny," Mr O'Connor posted on his official Facebook page.

"If local eshays want a history lesson, I'll make myself available anytime."

More than 500 people shared the post, many of them supporting Mr O'Connor's community work around Labrador and appalled by the vandalism.

A resident in a post wrote: "I hate anything like this. I lost a sister in that (concentration) camp … brought back so many bad memories of what happened over there during the Second World War."



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Another resident wrote: "This is gross. I'm Czech, and in four days it's the anniversary of the Lidice massacre. Would love to teach these little ferals about why my family has to run away to Australia."

The massacre destroyed the entire village in 1942 on the orders of Hitler.

Many residents believed the vandals would have no idea about Hitler and the Holocaust which led to six million Jews and about five million other Europeans sent to concentration camps due to their religious and political beliefs.

Some residents suggested Mr O'Connor fight the graffiti artists with humour, with one saying "just make the mo bigger and people will think it's Ned Flanders (from The Simpsons)".

A resident suggested this would be a more appropriate sign.
A resident suggested this would be a more appropriate sign.

Mr O'Connor told the Bulletin he had received a request from a young resident who had agreed to visit to learn about the Nazis.

"I do have one tentative booking in four o'clock tomorrow. He messaged me saying 'I'm a local eshay, can I come down for a history lesson?' I don't think it's one of the ones who has done it."

The graffiti attacks have continued with another sign outside his office featuring Mr O'Connor with a handlebar moustache, and another including a drawing of a penis.

Another sign vandalised.
Another sign vandalised.

"I've had some weird conspiracy ones painted in the car park. A cult thing. This one, I think it's some kids.

"I'll have a laugh at most of these things. I do not take myself too seriously. But when it's Nazi connotations, that's a step too far. We've had swastikas (painted) in the local park. I called that out as well."

Originally published as Gold Coast MP sickened by Nazi graffiti