Shayne Neumann and his wife Carolyn vote at Cityhope Church on Saturday morning.
Shayne Neumann and his wife Carolyn vote at Cityhope Church on Saturday morning. Rob Williams

Going postal: Incumbent Blair MP waits for all the votes

INCUMBENT Labor MP Shayne Neumann still isn't counting his chickens before they've hatched and has blamed "catastrophic" ALP policies for the tight margins in the seat of Blair.

There is just under 75 per cent of the vote counted, with AEC live numbers showing Mr Neumann netting 31.86 per cent of the vote, who is holding out for the postal vote count before declaring a win.

While 'absentee' LNP candidate, Robert Shearman netted 28.65 per cent of the vote with minimal campaigning.

The narrow margins were reflected state-wide as Queensland becomes a LNP stronghold.

"This is a catastrophic result for the Labor party in Queensland ... only one in four Queenslanders voted for Labor in their first ballot," Mr Neumann said.

"We've lost two seats ... there hasn't been a Federal Labor MP that hasn't had a swing against them."

The swing is currently at 6.6 per cent in Queensland against Labor.

"It's a significant swing against us and the Labor party had challenges in terms of our policies, in terms of our messaging and our campaign on a state and federal level," Mr Neumann said.

"I haven't claimed the seat yet, the postal votes are still coming in and they're recounting all the votes at this point in time.

"We're in front (now), (and) early on the night on election night we were behind, we pulled in front and we've been inching our way forward since then.

"It's too early to speculate on the final outcome except to congratulate the Prime Minister Scott Morrison on his re-election.

Mr Shearman told the QT on Saturday night after the election was called at about 9pm that the LNP's policies resonated much more with the voting public, hence the easy swing.

He conceded defeat early and said it was a massive wake up call for Mr Neumann and in the Blair electorate.

"The local member hasn't been doing anything to support businesses out there or infrastructure requirements, he hasn't put in anything to support the people of Blair," he said.

"I was talking a little bit of common sense, we wanted to have businesses thriving in Ipswich, support those businesses, support infrastructure development and support the whole Blair electorate," he said.

"That's what I was talking about the whole time, talking about job creation and getting business stimulated, making sure we have jobs and security for the youth."