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Goal kickers could decide IRL winner

THE Ipswich Rugby League season comes to a close tomorrow where we will see the two best teams of the year battle it out for grand final glory.

The Goodna Eagles, under coach Laurie Campbell, have this year really turned their attitude and discipline around on the field and the results have followed.

Captain Ramon Filipine has led by example and the rest of the team have followed their inspirational leader.

If the Eagles do everything they have done all year the same then come the final siren Ramon may just be lifting the trophy in front of the Goodna faithful.

In saying all this, the professional Brothers outfit will have other ideas as they have one of the most experienced players on the field in captain/coach Jason Connors.

Connors is the heartbeat of the Brethern and most of the plays will involve him.

While his running game has waned a little in previous years, his football brain is as active as ever and will be in overdrive.

This game will be won in the forwards and one man who will have a big say is offload specialist Jake O'Doherty.

He is regarded as one of the premier front rowers and will not be shirking his duty as he charges headlong into the rival forward pack.

Who wins this game?

It's too close to call. It may come down to the boot of either Cory Kirk or Josh Leisemann.

Rubbish decision

WHEN is a shoulder charge not a shoulder charge?

It's when the arm is away from the body and not cocked. What a load of rubbish.

Both incidents from last weekend's games should have been charged but didn't meet the three facts that constitute what the league define as a perfect shoulder charge.

We have to get better with these rules and apply them to the game as they were suppose to be meant.

It is not hard for a player to tackle an opponent with his arms without taking the easy option of shoulder charging.

The Match Review Committee and NRL Judiciary both need a complete overhaul, as does the wording surrounding what a shoulder charge is.

Quick thoughts

BOMBER'S bouquet 1: The Paralympics have begun and I will be tuning in to see all the great performances from these superb athletes.

Bomber's bouquet 2: Racing NSW has dramatically increased prizemoney.

I just hope Racing Queensland has heard the news and has plans to do it here as well.

Bomber's bouquet 3: The NRL has finally helped fans get to the game with the cut price tickets to the semi- finals.

Now we need cheaper Origin tickets.

Bomber's beef: Just when will the penny drop for Sharks forward Andrew Fifita? He needs to be sanctioned but I am not sure this will happen.

Bomber's best: Unfortunately I was a little ahead of myself with my tip last week as the AFL had the week off.

I will be sticking with the Geelong Cats to depose of the Hawks.

Who am I?

I was born on June 20, 1983 and started my sporting pursuits as a discus thrower.

I attended two Olympic Games and four Commonwealth games. I won a gold, three silver and one bronze medal collectively at the first three Commonwealth Games I attended.

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