Glencore’s Newlands coal mine workers evacuated

ALL coal mine workers have been withdrawn as a precaution after an underground incident at Glencore's Newlands coal mine near Glenden.

 "Queensland Government mines inspectors were advised that mine management activated the withdrawal at 6 am after one atmosphere monitor in a sealed longwall section recorded potentially-high gas concentrations and triggered an alert," a Department of Natural Resources and Mines spokesman said.

"The affected area is an old underground longwall panel which was recently sealed after it had come to the end of its production cycle.

"Mining operations in an adjacent underground longwall at Newlands have halted as a result of the precautionary withdrawal of workers.

"Surface operations elsewhere at the mine site have not been affected.

"Workers will not be permitted to re-enter the underground workings of the mine until a risk assessment has been completed and it demonstrates atmosphere levels are safe for re-entry."

Mines inspectors are monitoring the situation.