Gladstone police perform special roadside delivery

THREE Gladstone Police officers were involved in an unexpected delivery on Wednesday when one of them gave birth to a baby girl on the side of the road on the Dawson Hwy.

Just after 1pm an off-duty officer was travelling to hospital with her partner, who is also a local officer, when their daughter decided to make an early appearance.

The father pulled over just outside Calliope after realising they couldn't wait any longer, and helped his partner from the car and laid her on the side of the road.

Another off-duty Gladstone officer, Constable Colleen Smith, was passing by and, after believing someone had been run over, stopped to assist them.

The officer was on her way to her 2pm shift with the forensics unit at Gladstone police station. 

"As I got closer, I realised it was a colleague of mine. He's about six foot, you can't really miss him, and I saw someone lying on the side of the road," Constable Smith said.

"At first I thought he may have hit someone or something but as I ran towards him and got closer, I realised it was his partner in the late stages of labour."

The constable joined her colleagues and helped with the delivery before two other drivers stopped to offer assistance.

One of the drivers provided shade over the mother by putting up a tent they had in their vehicle.

The mother gave birth to a 10-pound baby girl before paramedics transported them both to Gladstone Mater Hospital, where they are doing well.

The newborn was the second child for the police officer couple, who, due to their roles at the Gladstone station, wished to remain anonymous.