'Distraught': Hunt for driver who left dog for dead

WHEN Boyne Island resident Ashlee Walmsley received a phone call that her three-year-old dog had been it by a car and left roadside to die, she was in shock.

Aubree had escaped her owners Malpas St fenced yard at 7pm on Thursday.

The English staffordshire terrier ran on to the road, where she was hit and run over by the vehicle, which was heading north towards John Oxley Bridge that crosses to Tannum Sands.

Making the situation worse, Ashlee, 22, could not rush to her beloved canine's aid because she and her family are in New Zealand and have left Aubrey to be cared for by friends.

"Fifteen minutes later a lady spotted her and a few other cars spotted her," Ashlee said.

"The lady contacted me and told me what had happened and I was absolutely distraught as I couldn't do anything.

Aubree, owned by Gladstone woman Ashlee Walmsley, was left for dead by the side of the road. Now she faces a hard recovery back to normal.
Beautiful Aubree loves her bed but she is currently at a veterinary surgery.

"My partner's best friend picked her up from the middle of the road and took her straight to the vet.

He arrived within 10 minutes and contacted us within the hour to say things weren't looking good."

Aubree's injuries include a shattered pelvis, four fractures throughout her hips and legs and blood in her lungs.

"My other dog, Loki, had gotten out with Aubree and sat by her side crying, trying to move her but she couldn't," Ashlee said.

"I'm guessing someone opened the gate, because it's a fully fenced yard, and she went fully under the car so I would completely rule out the fact that the person didn't realise they'd hit her.

"To the person who hit my dog and left her there, if you're out there and have a heart I would like you to get in contact with me."

Aubree made it through the night, but will need operations and rehabilitation to fix her broken bones.


Aubree, owned by Gladstone woman Ashlee Walmsley, was left for dead by the side of the road. Now she faces a hard recovery back to normal.
Aubree faces painful surgery and rehabilitation, perhaps euthanasia, after a driver on Malpas St ran her over and left her for dead on the roadside, her staffy solemate Loki, crying beside her through the cold night as strangers went to her aid.

Coming up with that kind of money will be difficult for the family, as Ashlee is a stay-at-home mum with a seven-month-old child, Arlie, and her partner, Josh, 25, is off work with work-related injuries.

"We are hoping that surgery and rehabilitation can help her but it's all up in the air," Ashlee said.

"If not we will sadly have to put her down.

"I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for the person who did this to her.

"I really hope you come forward with an apology."

Ashlee said she was conflicted about whether to put Aubree, her first dog since she moved out of home, through painful rehabilitation or euthanase her.


"She is an escape artist and, yes, managed to get out," she said.

"But I wish you (the driver) managed to get out and have the decency to stop and stay until help arrived.

"But I do want to thank the beautiful group of people who found her and stayed with her. If it weren't for them she wouldn't have made it through the night.

Ashlee said Aubree was never "just a dog".

"She is so kind hearted, such a family dog, she loved to cuddle up and watch TV with us," Ashlee said.

"Right from the start (from six weeks old) she's always been a family member."